Stress Free and Free Free

The last couple of posts related to software. One post was in regards to stress free trading and that is coming along nicely. I have been trading it daily making sure the gears are engaged and everything is properly lubricated. The other post had to do with Free software.

After dwelling on it for a while I realized that they both were stress free to some extent and I have added yet another Free software offer to the Free Stuff tab of the website. This one deals with Trade Management. Entries are important, and trade management may be even more critical. This little bit of software will help you make decisions before you even enter the trade. Once that is done just follow your nose. So more stress free stuff, right?

To learn more about it, just click over to the Free Stuff. Maybe I need to call it Stress Free Stuff.

The Free Stuff tab is reserved for registered members as many of you are members as well as on the mailing list. But if you are not registered, it is a very easy process. I think you will like the addition. It even has a video explaining what is going on. Just look for TWTradeMgmt.

Just click here Free Stuff.

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