Today I was sorting through my emails and as I was reading the titles I deleted one I said, “I do not believe it”. It set me to thinking about how my readers react to my emails; that I may make claims that are unacceptable to them and thus with a click away they go.

It saddens me when I think about it. Sure I would prefer my readers would not do that, but more for them than myself. If I have no readers at all, I will be able to continue to trade profitably. But I will not be able to pass on to them the good fortune that I have come to enjoy. Frankly the effort I put into the website and writing the scripts really are not very profitable. I make far more money trading than I do selling these programs. But I do it for my own reasons. I would not have done it at all if I had not taking the time to write that first script for my own use. Then I learned how much I enjoyed doing that. And when the script was so effective I was very excited.

The original script was based on the work of someone else. I shared that first script with him and he is still marketing it today. I make mention of it on my website, but I leave all the marketing to him. If you click on that study you will be sent to his website. I believe one must respect what brought them to where they are today.

Now I want to share what my work. Of course, I ask for a little from those I share it with to give it value. I used to give my work away for free and it was just left unused. I soon learned that they did not have the respect for the work in the first place as it had no value, so it was unlikely they would consider using it. That is sad because if they had, it would have helped them make money. In the process of trying to help them, I may have actually harmed them. Never again do I want to do that.

The thing that still puzzles is me is why people may find my work unbelievable. I so confused because I watch it produce results for me every time I trade. It is a rare day when I lose money. I happens, but when it does it is chump change. Sometimes my winnings are chump change as well, but my winnings are always greater than my losses and thus I continue to profit. Is that what it is they cannot believe?

If you are one of those of which I speak, I will consider it a great favor if you would click on this contact us link and them me why you feel so.

Gary Odom

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