Conditional Order System

Days of Old

The conditional order system was developed after a simple little study that was released free of charge. The ultimate goal was to have a method to trade stress free with acceptable risk and still preserve the opportunity to get maximum gains. There is a specific methodology that will be covered in detail. The new manual has an introduction along with specific videos showing you how to get started.

But in the short of it, it is a system that allows you to enter orders to occur at some future stipulated event found in the TWPT power trader and then offers the ability to get out of the trade when those conditions are no longer favorable. Typically you will have the option of several different entry methods, coupled with at lease two methods of exit to insure you are never have more at risk than that which you select. Profits can be capped or allowed to run until it turns against you before exiting. In the end it removes from you the worry and stress of trading by letting the system do it for you..

To begin here is the introduction video:

Stress Free Trading Part 1