Trader Community

I recall so many years ago when I had few to speak with about my trading. My spouse certainly did not have a clue of what I was talking about and my friends and fellow workers were totally confused or else they thought they knew it all and yet knew nothing at all. I found it incredibly frustrating.

Eventually, I established some on-line contacts to do nothing but talk about trading. We met on-line every Saturday morning and shared trades by displaying our screens and talking about what we did and how we either crashed or cashed in. We were all learning, so there was much to be shared.

Now, the lack of contact is much the same except for different reasons. Now I am a consummate trader just going through the paces as though on auto pilot. I miss those days of leaning and sharing. But times have changed and people have moved on and I am left with those that became friends. We still communicate now and again, but not nearly as often as I would like. We have all stated the same disappointment in not being able to meet more often.

Now my friends are entrepreneurs, some professional traders and some have just dropped by the wayside and are no longer interested in trading. Those of us who are still trading look forward to those cherished moments of sharing. But we are busy now and that is sad for that was a beautiful thing that we experienced.

If you find yourself with same need, form a group and do as we did. You can always use the social networks, though those tend to be cluttered with people we do not need. They invariably find their way in. You can form closed groups and perhaps that is the way to go. After doing a litte search on Facebook I found mostly promotional sites and nothing to allow a bunch people who love trading to exchange ideas.

I would establish a forum for such a need, but I do not have time to moderate it. People being people, I am pretty sure moderation will be necessary. In any case, you may find trading lonely and it certainly can be but it is still profitable. The reward is worth the isolation I can assure you. But it isn’t about the isolation is it? It is just wanting to talk to someone who “gets it” and share something you love.

See you on the other side–

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