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  • Profiting In A Crazy Market

    3/3/20 I was just wondering how things were going with you.  How has your trading been?  The market has really been crazy and it has been the general consensus that it was not a good place for long term investors to be.  So, there was a lot of selling going on and then Monday a […]

  • Growing A Small Account

    Traders often tell me they simply do not have enough money to trade effectively. That can be a problem, if you do not know how to do it. You can grow a small account in a relatively short period of time until it is no longer a small account. This short video will show you […]

  • The Money Train

    Do you remember, “All who are not present, raise your hand”?  Whether you do or you do not, it makes little difference because that is where we are now.  You are part of a selected group and others (those who are not here) can only be here through their own efforts.  You have been selected […]

  • Is It What It Is?

    Today is a perfect example.  The market started out on a down note.  What it finishes at close has nothing to do with this article, for we all know the market can do anything that anytime.  What this article is about is seeing what is happening or is it? Is it what it is or […]

  • Trading With Albert Einstein

    In the past, some 2 years or so ago, I spoke about a young man at a Christmas party.  I had the pleasure to meet him again this past Christmas Eve. Our conversation was interesting for he brought to my attention something I had not thought much about.  Since I have a lot of confidence in […]

  • Will the Stock Market Crash If President Trump Is Impeached?

    The following is not original but rather excerpts from postings one might find with a bit of a search.  In any case, it is interesting reading and thus I have re-posted for you. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Congress should pursue an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump regardless of its impact on financial markets’ […]

  • A Market Snap Shot

    This morning opened up with several scan results, but most were volatile issues that I chose to avoid. The only symbol with good results from the analyze tab had other issues. Here is a screen shot of that scenario. To begin, the analyze tab. Looks good right? Yes it does but look at the sector. […]

  • The Holy Grail of Trading- or is it all scam?

    Based on my incoming emails, there are many to lay claim to the Holy Grail of Trading.  So, who has the best approach?  Is there such a thing, as a one and only or the very best of the best when it comes to trading? Certainly! The truth lies more in your mind than it […]

  • How to Play the $12 Trillion 5G Revolution

    I can no take credit for this article, though I see where it might have value. So, I have posted this for your review in hopes it might offer you additional insight to use as you choose. Few tech trends have fueled as much excitement as 5G, the global push to bring us faster and […]

  • Yikes! I am losing my shirt

    For investors, the first temptation when market turmoil erupts is to just do something; an urge that usually results in selling, an action that often concludes in regret and maybe losing your shirt indeed. For others, the impulse is to do nothing and sit on your hands until the storm passes, because it always does. […]