TWSRT Part 2

This is the continuation of the “TWSRT with price action”. This video is a discussion of how trade entries are associated with the TWSRT. Here we cover how to use the TWSRT to enter trades and improve your results. We also discuss how to use the TWSRT to determine trade exits.

Using the TWSRT for entering and exiting trades.

TWSRT and Price Acton

This a second video on the TWSRT, however it is a updated explanation of how the TWSRT details price action. It gives you a great deal of information of what price is doing and what one might expect it to do in the near future. The TWSRT is a great addition to any methodology you choose to use to enter or exit your trades. Check it out here and look for a futures follow up video to come including incorporating the TWIndexTrader.

How you can read price action the easy way

Planning Your Trades Before They Occur

The title may sound strange to you, but it is actually something you might want to consider. I know you have heard the expression of “having your ducks in a row”, well that is pretty much what this is about. Only to applies to being prepared by knowing what you need to do before you actually enter the trade. Check the video for more.

Predicting the Future

It has been said that no one knows what price will do and that is true. However, it is entirely possible to know where price might make a change in direction or make a well defined move to indicate continuation of current movement.

This video helps to understand how the TWSRT does just that. It is a bit unconventional, but highly effective in doing what it does.  You can only get it here, no one else has it.

Market Open Trade Tip 1

I have several posts regarding trading the market open. Some address entering a trade and others, more often than not, speak of avoiding trading specific times altogether. Market open is one of those times and here we tell you why.

Also learn about other things to look for that will give you a clue as to what price might do. Check out the video for more info.

How bad do you want it?

Today one of my friends was asking about my work and was surprised at the amount of time that I allocated to it. I find it amusing that simply because I work out of my home people do not get that it is a job just like the one they have. Sure I can do it in my pajamas and they can not, but there is a much bigger difference than that.

It is likely that everyone would like to work at home. Or at least that is what they say when they dwell on it. I suppose that is one of those, “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” situations. Not everyone can do it. It takes for more discipline to work at home than it does in the work place where everyone else is doing their job. What if you do not live alone, what about the interruptions caused by family members? People tend to drop in to visit when you work at home when they would not think about doing it on your job site. They fail to realize this is your job site.

And there is that elephant in the room that no one to wants to talk about. Are you fitted to work at home? Even if the home situation was perfect, do you have the physiological make up to work at home? You will be alone or in the least you should be. You have no one watching you and checking on you. No one has established a task or a dead line. It is all on you. You must be as strong on yourself as your otherwise supervisor would be. It is so easy to slip off to the ball game or take a quick trip to wet a line. But those things simply lead down the road to failure.

It comes down to “how bad do you want it“? That same friend told me she wanted to get on Ancestry. com and check on her grand father and some other people. I told her she had better be ready to spend a lot of time doing it, for it was not as easy as one would think. (My spouse did it for years, so I watched the depth of her work) My friend’s reply was, “Well I guess I better forget it then”. If it was not easy then she decided she did not want it. In other words she just did not “want it enough”. People say they want things all the time but in truth they have a desire, but not necessarily the ambition to do what it takes to fulfill their desire. If they did, they would have already satisfied that desire and they would not be wanting.

If you are not doing the things you need to do in order to attain certain specific goals then you will just be left wanting. The same goes with trading. Yes, the TW system will help you get there but frankly save your money, if you are not willing to put in the work to learn how to use it. There is no effortless path to success. It simply does not exist and even though there are those who tell you they have it, they do not. It does not exist. If it did then everyone would be using it. The process can be easy but never effortless.

Today was a good bad, so was yesterday and I look forward to the good day tomorrow will bring. If you do not believe that, then do not be surprised if it tomorrow sucks. After all you kinda expected it would, right?

See you on the other side,

Gary Odom


Today I was sorting through my emails and as I was reading the titles I deleted one I said, “I do not believe it”. It set me to thinking about how my readers react to my emails; that I may make claims that are unacceptable to them and thus with a click away they go.

It saddens me when I think about it. Sure I would prefer my readers would not do that, but more for them than myself. If I have no readers at all, I will be able to continue to trade profitably. But I will not be able to pass on to them the good fortune that I have come to enjoy. Frankly the effort I put into the website and writing the scripts really are not very profitable. I make far more money trading than I do selling these programs. But I do it for my own reasons. I would not have done it at all if I had not taking the time to write that first script for my own use. Then I learned how much I enjoyed doing that. And when the script was so effective I was very excited.

The original script was based on the work of someone else. I shared that first script with him and he is still marketing it today. I make mention of it on my website, but I leave all the marketing to him. If you click on that study you will be sent to his website. I believe one must respect what brought them to where they are today.

Now I want to share what my work. Of course, I ask for a little from those I share it with to give it value. I used to give my work away for free and it was just left unused. I soon learned that they did not have the respect for the work in the first place as it had no value, so it was unlikely they would consider using it. That is sad because if they had, it would have helped them make money. In the process of trying to help them, I may have actually harmed them. Never again do I want to do that.

The thing that still puzzles is me is why people may find my work unbelievable. I so confused because I watch it produce results for me every time I trade. It is a rare day when I lose money. I happens, but when it does it is chump change. Sometimes my winnings are chump change as well, but my winnings are always greater than my losses and thus I continue to profit. Is that what it is they cannot believe?

If you are one of those of which I speak, I will consider it a great favor if you would click on this contact us link and them me why you feel so.

Gary Odom

When Not To Trade

There are times when we should not even attempt an entry. Not only is it difficult to enter, but it is almost impossible to exit profitably. I said almost because there are people with the ability to watch there trade go really negative before it goes profitable. That is great when it happens, but disaster when it doesn’t. I am sure you have heard the statement “the greater the risk, the greater the gain”. Yes, when it goes your way.