You found us, likely because you are looking for something better.   Tested Wisdom, the products and the information on this site are the result of the efforts of many different people who volunteered their time and experience.  Most have become my friends through the years of our association and our cooperative efforts to find the very best of trading aids. Our goal was, and still remains, to create a trading system that could be learned by all traders, beginners to professionals, and be equally useful to all.

It was our desire to produce something that could be available to everyone regardless of their budget. The latest and perhaps most exciting development was our Stress Free module which introduces you to a highly sought after concept. It is a system that enables one to trade Stress Free while achieving remarkable results. Then something happened.

The World is changing —- fast!

Since the arrival of Covid-19, we are seeing a new world. We are facing the challenges of change in our everyday life. Those challenges also involve the stock market and how to trade it. Though my previous software worked extremely well Covid had an impact. Not only has Covid created necessary adjustments’ but it also has created opportunities. The new market behaviour has created opportunities to open doors that and methodologies that did not exist before, at least not with the results available in today’s market.

The concept is simple and involves three simple concepts. The first is extremely low risk, the second is extremely high percentage returns and the third very easy to learn using our products. The downside is the products are still in development. You can get a taste as part of the system is the TWZPI one of my oldest and most reliable studies that continues to work even in the new market. It works so well that it was it inspiration for the new system. Just register and we will let you know when it is ready.

However, for those of you who want to continue to use the Stress Free methodology it will also soon be available through a sister site under the name of TD New Generation Visualized Trade and the TD Conditional Order System. If you are interested let me know and I will add you to the list for invitation to the roll out webinar.

All of the content is free. Even though it is not necessary to register to use the website please register to gain access to the free trading information that is mailed to registered guests only.  

 Learn to Succeed

Success isn’t something that happens by accident. First you need to learn and then diligently practice that knowledge in order to succeed.

Gary Odom

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