Tested Tips

Stress Free Trading

Some time ago I sent out an email with the following link:Order Entry Setup Frankly, I did not get much response from it. I must admit I was puzzled since it had been so profitable to me. It offered free software and still does, but yet, I do not believe I had any takers. I … Continue reading "Stress Free Trading"

Why Short Trades?

The title is “Why Short Trades”, because in the process of crunching data and looking at outcomes, a very simple concept was clearly identified. I have always known it was factual, but now when I sliced and diced everything out, I actually saw how it was driven by the individual traders.  We have always heard … Continue reading "Why Short Trades?"

Your Success Is In Question

I am troubled by your response. It is not from the lack of activity but rather from the lack of your interest. My last post to you dealt with trading psychology and I saw that fewer than average bothered to view it. That really concerns me because psychology is an important key to success. The … Continue reading "Your Success Is In Question"

A Trader’s Psychology

Your “self”, or whatever you want to call it, is so incredibly important in all facets of life and particularly so in trading. Your frame of mind, attitude, focus, and confidence will, not can, but will make a difference in your trading results. If you do not struggle with theses feelings, then you either have … Continue reading "A Trader’s Psychology"

It must be magic-

There is an old song that uses that lyric, “it must be magic” but in this case it is no song, but something so amazing it makes you think, “IT MUST BE MAGIC”