Tested Tips

Your Success Is In Question

I am troubled by your response. It is not from the lack of activity but rather from the lack of your interest. My last post to you dealt with trading psychology and I saw that fewer than average bothered to view it. That really concerns me because psychology is an important key to success. The […]

A Trader’s Psychology

Your “self”, or whatever you want to call it, is so incredibly important in all facets of life and particularly so in trading. Your frame of mind, attitude, focus, and confidence will, not can, but will make a difference in your trading results. If you do not struggle with theses feelings, then you either have […]

It must be magic-

There is an old song that uses that lyric, “it must be magic” but in this case it is no song, but something so amazing it makes you think, “IT MUST BE MAGIC”

Same Trade But Make More Money

This may surprise you that making a simple little change could make you a more profitable trader.

TWSRT Part 2

This is the continuation of the “TWSRT with price action”. This video is a discussion of how trade entries are associated with the TWSRT. Here we cover how to use the TWSRT to enter trades and improve your results. We also discuss how to use the TWSRT to determine trade exits.