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Some time ago I sent out an email with the following link:
Order Entry Setup

Frankly, I did not get much response from it. I must admit I was puzzled since it had been so profitable to me. It offered free software and still does, but yet, I do not believe I had any takers. I will admit, I have a very selective mailing list as I do not want to become more involved in marketing than trading and creation of better trading techniques. It is not unlike me to purge names from the list of those who will not remove themselves. If you are not interested in receiving these emails, PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE from the mailing list. I spend too much time and effort working on these trading systems to send it to someone who has no interest.

But that is rather beside the point for this post. That little study led me on to bigger and better things that allows me to set up trades and walk away knowing that all aspects of my trading will be handled. I have many entry options, and even more importantly, now more exit options. One can always set profit targets, but it is guess work as to where to set them since no one knows how long a run will last ahead of time. I have created exit options that will exit the trade when it goes against you as well as after it appears to have reached max profit. Of course, I have left in the safety features to assure you your risk is limited.

Currently, I set up various trades that include results from the TWPT combined with the TWSRT and Zone trades with momentum detectors and can even parallel with the TWPT and the TWSRT. I set up on four to five symbols at a time. I sometime setup both long and short trades on the same chart to catch whatever this volatile market has to offer.

The coding has been completed reviewed and changed numerous times, each time with improved results. I sometimes had too many variables trying to include all aspects, actually creating more problems than solving them. In time, the proper balance between flexibility and ease of use was reached. With the use of templates in most cases, the trade entry entails just a few clicks of the mouse. All the testing was done on live trading as simulated is never like the real thing. Yes, I lost money on some trades and made great money on others. Those losses allowed me to find out what went wrong and correct the problem so it did not happen again. In the end, my system produces those results we all look for, limited losses and unlimited gains.

The entire system dovetails with the TOS system of conditional order entry. The TW Conditional Order entry and exit system compensates for the lack of features in the TOS conditional order system and overcomes the limitations of study applications.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am excited by this and love the ability to walk away from my computer while the trading carries on. I will be creating an instruction manual (not sure if it will be video or pdf) just before the release of the package so one can see all what needs to be considered and exactly how to gain stress free trading.

I will be producing a video series (probably about three or four videos) that will cover the entire system. I will include actual examples of how to set the system up, how to implement trades and what the options there are available. Be patient, it takes a while to produce videos of live trading and produce a clean production.

See you on the other side;

Gary Odom

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  1. I am very new to this site but must say the “order entry setup” sounds amazingly good and I’d like to know more about it.

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